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Anuj Pandey

An accomplished Software Professional by qualification, his strong liking for bleeding edge technologies, coupled with keen business acumen put him into the driver’s seat of e10 since its inception. He is the key visionary of e10 and has successfully transformed the company from a single individual freelancer into a thriving, e-business web company. His unmistakable charisma and unending passion make him an inborn leader.

Anuj‘s active involvement in development life cycle means, everyone in team is learning on every single module, and overall improvement of team value. His specialized knowledge combines multiple disciplines of knowledge and skill sets such as Creative Vision, Visual Design, Information Architecture, User Interface Development, User Experience & Usability, Graphic Design, Art Direction, Web Development, Software as a Service Product Design, Cloud Application Design, ASP.net, XHTML/CSS, JavaScript, Flash/Flex, Mobile Development, Product Management and Project Management.

Anuj Pandey also active on almost all popular social networks. e.g. Google Plus , Twitter , FacebookADN